Our business

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells electronic components and modules mainly for the industrial equipment market, including electronic circuit components such as trimmer potentiometers and switches, as well as pressure sensors, potentiometers, encoders, actuators, and system equipment. In addition, polygon mirrors, which boast the world's top supply record, are increasingly being used as laser scanning devices for LiDAR, a precision sensing technology that realizes recognition of the vehicle surrounding environment (people/objects) and 3D mapping necessary for autonomous driving. Demand is expected to increase.

Our business mainly focuses on trimmer potentiometers (semi-fixed resistors) and switches (for setting and operation) for the industrial market.

Communication equipment (mobile/PHS communication base stations), broadcasting station equipment, measuring equipment, medical equipment, FA equipment, home appliances, power supply equipment, security (surveillance cameras, alarms, crime prevention systems), OA equipment, amusement, power tools, Used in housing equipment, general industrial equipment, etc.

We develop a variety of sensors, mainly pressure sensors that detect the pressure of liquids and gases and convert them into electrical signals.

Used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, pneumatic equipment, FA equipment, measuring equipment, medical equipment, etc. .

We operate a motor business centered on stepping motors and an actuator business centered on brushless motors.

Used in amusement equipment, industrial equipment, OA equipment, MFPs, copying machines, laser printers, medical equipment, industrial inspection equipment, etc. .

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