3D CAD data available in all major format!

3D CAD models reach to 4,440 products!
Pressure Sensors & Liquid Leakage Sensor now available,
in addition to already Switches & Trimmer Potentiometers


We have been providing the market online with the 3D CAD models of switch and trimmer potentiometer products. We newly add the models of pressure sensor and liquid leakage sensor products this time.

As a result, the total number of 3D CAD models reach to 4,400 products, and we will be able to meet the wide range of demand from the circuit designers to equipment designers. Supporting formats will be 68 types, which are compatible with all major 3D CAD systems, so you can choose the most appropriate model to your own CAD environment. The platform where 3D CAD models are provided is "PARTcommunity" in "Web2CAD", that is quite popular among 3D CAD engineers and its communities. The number of users exceeds 32 million. It requires Login action with membership ID every access. There is a need to have a membership registration for the first time, and only ID and password entry from the second time.

The penetration of 3D software worldwide are reported to be 70 percent in Europe, 45 percent in the United States, and 30 percent in Asia. Under such circumstances, we as the electronic components supplier hope to increase the level of services to our customers by providing with 3D CAD models of our own products. It will be our great pleasure if our 3D CAD models delivered through a world famous community site help customers at their tasks in R&D or Designing process. We hope you all enjoy it!


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