Sep. 30, 2017

New Product Lineup Announcement: With Aero-dynamic Bearings "Micro Blowers TF037 series and TF029B"

We would like to thank you for your continued support and patronage.

We are pleased to announce that the “Micro Blower” series joined our standard product lineup starting August of this year.

These new Micro Blowers use our patented Aero-dynamic Bearings technology.
Micro Blowers

This revolutionary technology utilizes the effect of air pressure between the motor shaft and sleeve to provide a contactless rotational motion.

The Aero-dynamic Bearings technology allows us to manufacture high-performance, and compact Micro Blowers. Our product lineup currently has 5 different types. We also provide motor drivers to customers who are looking to do preliminary testing or Proof-of-Concept.


  • • Aero-dynamic bearings
  • Compact / Light weight
  • High static pressure
  • • Less vibration
  • • Long life


With the 5 minutes short film here, we will present in detail the features and outstanding performance of our unique Micro Blowers.
Please take a look!

⇒ Please watch the 10 minutes full version from here.



Series NameTF037CTF037E TF037F TF029B Remarks
With Mounting Bracket Without Mounting Bracket
Rated Voltage 24 VDC ±10% 24 VDC ±10% 24 VDC ±10% 12~24 VDC 12~27 VDC  
Rated Power Supply Current 1.2 A Max. 1.2 A Max.  0.86 A Max. 0.67 A Max. 0.62 A Max. Voltage: 24 VDC
Rated Power Consumption 29 W Max. 29 W Max. 22.7 W Max. 16.1 W Max. 14.9 W Max. Voltage: 24 VDC
Rated Rotation Speed 40,000 r/min 40,000 r/min 35,500 r/min 31,000 r/min 36,000 r/min Reference Value 
Rated Air Flow 100 ℓ/min 100 ℓ/min  100 ℓ/min 100 ℓ/min 100 ℓ/min  
Rated Pressure 4 kPa 4 kPa 3 kPa 2 kPa 2 kPa  
Maximum Rotation Speed 45,000 r/min 45,000 r/min 45,000 r/min 45,000 r/min 50,000 r/min Voltage: 24 VDC
Maximum Pressure 4.5 kPa 4.5 kPa 4.5 kPa 4.5 kPa 3.5 kPa Voltage: 24 VDC
Acoustic Audible Noise 67.0 dB(A) Max. 67.0 dB(A) Max.  65.0 dB(A) Max. 65.0 dB(A) Max. 65.0 dB(A) Max.  
Weight Approx. 94 g Approx. 90 g Approx. 165 g Approx. 72 g Approx. 55 g  
Driver Set Available Yes No No Yes Yes  
Material Resin in full compliance with UL94 V0 Resin in full compliance with FDA standards


 Medical devices (ex. CPAP), Household fuel cell system, Printer (ex. 3D Printer), Server, Ionizer etc.


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