Pressure transducer with amp. PA-848

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Strong structure with IP67 degree of protection

  • Pressure sensors with IP67 degree of protection for outside-house applicants.
  • Operation temperature up to 100 °C~ for pressure diaphragm.
  • Voltage Output of 1 ~ 5 V DC with built-in amplifier (PA- 840), Current output of 4 ~ 20 mA DC (PA-848).
  • High reliability (SUS 316 L diaphragm, oil-filled) by using double diaphragm structure.
  • The most miniaturized terminal-assembly-type pressure sensor for outside-house applicants.

Model Number Designation

PA-848 -102R  -R2 

Series name

PA-848:Output Current(1-5V)

Rated pressure range

102R :-0.1~0.1MPa
352R :-0.1~0.35MPa
103G : 0~1MPa
353G : 0~3.5MPa
102A : 0~0.1MPa(abs.)

Pressure reference

G :Gauge
R :Gauge (Compound)
A :Absolute


R2:R 1/4
G2:G 1/4


List of model numbers

Model numbersRated pressureMaximum pressureBreak-down pressurePressure referenceFittingCAD
PA-848-102R-R2 -0.1~0.1MPa 0.2MPa 0.3MPa Gauge(Compound) R 1/4
PA-848-102R-G2 -0.1~0.1MPa 0.2MPa 0.3MPa Gauge(Compound) G 1/4
PA-848-352R-R2 -0.1~0.35MPa 0.7MPa 1.05MPa Gauge(Compound) R 1/4
PA-848-352R-G2 -0.1~0.35MPa 0.7MPa 1.05MPa Gauge(Compound) G 1/4
PA-848-103G-R2 0~1.0MPa 2MPa 3MPa Gauge R 1/4
PA-848-103G-G2 0~1.0MPa 2MPa 3MPa Gauge G 1/4
PA-848-353G-R2 0~3.5MPa 4MPa 4.5MPa Gauge R 1/4
PA-848-353G-G2 0~3.5MPa 4MPa 4.5MPa Gauge G 1/4
PA-848-102A-R2 0~0.1MPa abs. 0.2MPa abs. 0.3MPa abs. Absolute R 1/4
PA-848-102A-G2 0~0.1MPa abs. 0.2MPa abs. 0.3MPa abs. Absolute G 1/4

Standard specifications

Operating temp. range Ta (No freezing) : -20 ~ 80 °C / Pressure port : -20 ~ 100 °C
Operating humidity 35~85%RH (No condensation)
Storage temp. -20~80℃
Compensated temp. range 0 ~ 50℃
Pressure medium Gas and liquid which does not corrode SUS 316L and Gas and liquid which does not corrode O-ring (Fluoro rubber) G2 Fitting
Pressure port R 1/4、G 1/4
Net weight Approx. 250g
Protection grade IP67
Operating voltage 21.6 ~ 26.4V DC(including ripple)

Analog output

Pressure range102R352R103G353G102A
Output current 4~20mA
Zero current 12±0.2mA 7.56±0.2mA 4±0.2mA 4±0.2mA 4±0.2mA
Span current 16±0.4mA
Linearity/Hysteresis  ±0.5% FS 
Thermal error ZERO/ SPAN:  ±0.06% FS/℃
Load resistance 500Ω maximum
Response Approx. 2ms
Gravitational effect
(From vertical position to horizontal position)
± 0.3%F.S. ± 0.1%F.S. ± 0.05%F.S. ± 0.3%F.S.

Environment Characteristics

Test itemTest conditions (At 25 ± 5 °C)Permissible change
Vibration 10 ~ 150 Hz, 1.5 mm maximum/98.1m/s2 ,3 directions for 2 hours each Zero current, Span current:
± 2 %F.S. maximum each
Shock 490m/s2, 3 directions for 3 times each
Pressure cycling 0~Pr 106 cycles
Moisture resistance 40℃ 90~95%RH, 240 hrs.

Important Handling Precautions

  • Never insert any foreign matters except specified pressure media into the pressure port, as this may alter the performance characteristics or damage the diaphragm, and cause malfunctions.
  • Tighten wiring opening with the supplied cable gland for avoiding water intrusion.
  • The cable gland and/or lid may get loose in certain usage environments and the sealing level may lower as a result. So please use a locking nut or tighten regularly.
  • Atmospheric pressure is released through wiring cable.(Copal recommends a cable with built-in atmospheric-pressure-releasing tube)
  • Cable wiring should be conducted in the state of power off. Shorting the output terminal and power terminal will damage the internal circuit.Please be careful not to wire incorrectly.
●The above contents and descriptions are subject to change without notice. 



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